Webサイト内と個展会場で流れているBGM 作曲家 funaihayaki 氏による「resuscitation」WEBサイトの旋律の個展用バージョン
Finally my exhibition will start tomorrow.
I’m offered an interview on first day.
I feel relief at display because I could hang all works by grace of 8 members of gallery COEXIST.
I think I could catch display space as the image I felt here on first time visit,
so I am looking forward to lighting up.
At exhibition, you can listen to BGM with light and shadow.
“resuscitation” by composer funaihayaki.
It’s the exhibition version of WEB site’s melody.
I hope we could produce jet-black space melting with various factor.
I’m glad to you come and look my exhibition with his melody.

Nov. 24. 2009